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fabric hurricane shutters
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection
window hurricane protection


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HONOLULU —One month into hurricane season, there have already been three hurricanes that have formed in the eastern Pacific.



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AstroGuard Features

The AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric system was developed to give consumers a superior product at a lower cost.

Our fabric is made of ballistic nylon which is both high strength and high tenacity. This is not the same nylon a backpack is made out of--but the same nylon that's used to make the airbag for an automobile. The nylon is then coated using a ceramic resin to block all of the suns U.V. rays. All of this is done right here in the United States. Our nylon comes from Koch Industries in Wichita, KS and our nylon clips are made in St. Louis, MO. 

Our competition uses Polypropylene which they refer to as a geo-synthetic textile (Any see-thru fabric is made of this). But another name for our competitors product, a name they don't want you to hear, is trampoline fabric. Because the trampoline fabric is so weak--the edges need to be folded over multiple times and the edges sewn. The remaining 95% percent of their systems are 1 layer of trampoline fabric. Trampoline fabric has a burst strength of 800 lbs. AstroGuard's burst strength is more than 1785 lbs. We are more than 2X stronger.

The question you need to ask yourself is: "Do I want a child's toy protecting my family?".

What most consumers don't know about the testing standards of the hurricane protection industry is that manufacturers are allowed to test a large sample specimen and if it passes, they can carry that approval down to small sizes. The reason for this, and its a sad one, is that the cost to make a system that was strong enough to stop large missile impacts on small and medium size openings was deemed cost prohibitive. AstroGuard's fabric is so much stronger, we can repel projectiles on any size screen.  This dirty little secret is exposed on our Facebook page. That is why AstroGuard has been referred to as "The Wonder Drug of the Insurance Industry" and why so many high net worth individuals are buying the lowest cost product in the world.

Most people wonder how we do it.

AstroGuard's nylon fabric actually costs more to manufacture than all of our competitors fabrics. But since our manufacturing is completely automated, we deliver a more expensive fabric at a lower cost. Our automated manufacturing process eliminates all secondary finishing of the fabric. So we can deliver a stronger, safer product faster and with unmatched consistency. We are also a low overhead company, we don't advertise, have fancy offices--just 6 individuals that are passionate about keeping you safer and constantly innovating to improve what is already the safest product in the world. 

So, if you buy any other product, you are buying a weaker, cheaper fabric, but paying more for it. When your ready to put away the toys and get serious about protecting your family--give us a call and we will floor you with our product and service.

Please view the pictures on our Facebook page and you will see the homes of very famous people that already know our secret. There are some great videos on this page that show our products being tested along side our competition. (A link to our Facebook is in the lower right corner of this page)

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Smarter Design

When designing the AstroGuard Hurrcane Protection system we focused on the future while we were inventing the safest system in the World today. Our clip design is made to open up to accept replacement screens or new advances to our system that we have not even thought of yet.

The most expensive part of our system besides the fabric: is the clip, wall anchoring system, and labor to install it. AstroGuard's Patented clip system can be opened back up to accept a replacement screen with ease should one ever get damaged.

 All the other hurricane fabric manufacturers systems have to be completely reinstalled--Pretty Smart.


AstroGuard is high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with a UV resistant resin.  The result is a hurricane protection system that resists wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level.  With a burst strength of well over 1,500 lbs., AstroGuard easily outranks metal panels, roll downs, accordions, and any other hurricane fabrics made of a see through material.


AstroGuard hurricane fabric is a leap forward in hurricane protection screens because its burst strength enables it to stop impacts even while under a wind load.  No other manufacturer’s system can stop impacts and large missiles when their hurricane screens are loaded with wind--especially on corner impacts.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Weighing only ounces per square yard, AstroGuard is easy to deploy at storm time.  It also folds up neatly into its own storage bags, taking up very little room in an attic, storage unit or garage.  You will never have to wrestle heavy, sharp metal panels again!  What’s best about AstroGuard however is the fact that you don't have to look at your hurricane protection 365 days a year—we are there when you need us.  You care about the look of your residence, don’t detract from it with unsightly hurricane protection systems.


With all of AstroGuard’s advantages, you may think the price would be prohibitive.  But, along with AstroGuard’s superior product technology comes superior manufacturing technology that makes it affordable.  AstroGuard is a more expensive, stronger fabric than our competitors use, yet we can deliver it to our customers for less.


At only 11 ounces per square yard, AstroGuard is lightweight and easy to manage.  If you or your handyman has ever lifted metal panels or plywood, then you understand the importance of this feature.  We have found that when a storm is coming, our AstroGuard customers deploy their hurricane protection while many of their neighbors with traditional shutters do not.  The neighbors with old-fashioned hurricane shutters would rather risk damage than deploy their hurricane protection!  That says a lot.

Full Envelope Protection

During a hurricane, most catastrophic damage happens when a window or door is blown in, causing pressurization of the home.  This pressurization can rip the roof right off of the building.  Prevention of this is known as “full envelope protection.”  AstroGuard provides full envelope protection by easily and effectively covering all vulnerable openings:  windows, doors, garages, sliders, lanai openings and more.  Even if the glass breaks, AstroGuard still prevents pressurization by deflecting the wind.

Flying Debris/Projectile Deflection

Because of its flexible nature, AstroGuard stops flying debris and projectiles more effectively than any other form of hurricane protection.  Solid hurricane shutters can fail when impacted, and in many cases they are damaged or misshapen enough that a new shutter must be purchased.  AstroGuard stops debris and will keep stopping it again and again to maintain the full envelope protection of your home.

Home and Business Use

AstroGuard is appropriate for both residential and commercial use.  Visit our Photo Gallery to view installations.

Insurance Approved

These days, many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to install approved hurricane protection.  This reduces claims to the insurance carrier and protects homeowners from storm damage.  AstroGuard is fully recognized and approved by major insurance companies such as Chubb, Citizens (Florida), Fireman’s Fund, and many others.


AstroGuard won’t leave you in the dark.  Its translucent nature lets light in while it is deployed over your windows, doors and lanais.  Say goodbye to the “cave” feeling you get from traditional hurricane shutters.

Florida Building Code Approved

AstroGuard has passed the rigorous testing necessary to gain Florida Building Code approval #15208. It is also approved for use in Miami-Dade NOA #12-1004.02.

10-Year Limited Warranty

With AstroGuard, your purchase is protected by a 10-year Limited Warranty.  See our Warranty for details.

Compact Storage

AstroGuard comes in its own storage bags and can easily be stowed in the attic, garage, or storage unit.

Do-It-Yourself or Professional Installation

You have the choice of purchasing AstroGuard through an Authorized Dealer for professional measuring and installation, or on a Do It Yourself (DIY) basis.  If you choose DIY, please be aware that any hurricane protection system will need to meet the engineering specifications for your area.  AstroGuard is no exception.  Please see the Engineering Drawings or call us for more information.  Professional installers should have certification that makes them qualified to install hurricane products.